The 50th Coyle Classic, revisiting 1973-1985

The 50th Anniversary Coyle Classic was held on Friday, October 5th 2018 at Green Harbor Golf Club.

The first tournament, that would later become known as Coyle Classic was held in 1973. Back then it was called, The Fall Golf Classic. Held on the first Friday in October and back then Bob Ward ran the tournament. The tournament started off with a small group and they only played nine holes. Today the Florida Style Scramble boasts upwards of 80 people, both men and women that compete each year.

Last week while sitting in the Lounge at GHGC, I was lucky enough to look through all of the photo albums with Mr. Coyle.  With a ton of pride he shared with me 49 years worth of stories and memories.

Here are a few photos and the winners listings from 1974-1985 please enjoy a look at what it means to be a part of a very rich Golfing tradition. 1973-0001

1973 Coyle Classic

1974 Coyle Classic

Winners. 1978-1985

1985 Coyle Classic







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